Information about fares

Train and bus fares

Tram Fares (Flat rate)

Unit Fare
Adults Per ride 170 yen
Children (Under Elementary school age) Per ride 80 yen
Kagoshima City Transport Bureau, General Affairs Division, Operations Section

〒890-0055 Kagoshima City, Uearata-cho 37-20
TEL 099-257-2116 (direct)
FAX 099-257-2119 (direct)

Bus Fares (For adults)

Unit Fare
Adults Per ride 230 yen
Children (Under Elementary school age) Per ride 120 yen

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Child fares

Category Adults Elementary school age and below Young children Infants
Age 12 and older
(over elementary school age)
6-11 years old
(including 12-year old elementary school students)
1-5 years old
(including 6-year old preschool children)
Less than 1 year old
Fare Normal fare Children’s fare *See below Free
  • Children’s fare is half of the normal fare. (A fraction of less than 10 yen shall be rounded up to the nearest ten yen.)
  • *A child between the ages 1 and 6 years (in the “young children” category) is free when accompanied by a paying adult/child. However, if a second child (in the “young children” category) is also accompanying, he or she will be charged.

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