One-day Pass・24-hour Pass

What are 'One-day Pass' and '24-hour Pass'?

'One-day Pass' for Streetcar, City bus, and City View bus sold by the Transportation Bureau (including Smart Phone One-Day Pass) and mobile-only'24-hour Pass' for Streetcar, City bus, and City View bus enables you to take unlimited rides on Streetcar , City buses and Kagoshima City View Bus!
By showing the pass, you can receive discounts on admission fees at tourist facilities and services at newly affiliated stores from August 1st!
Please take advantage of it for sightseeing around Kagoshima City, visiting famous places, taking field trips, and shopping, etc.

Type of Pass Period of Validity Sales price

One-day Pass

Smartphone One-Day Pass

Only on the day of boarding

600 yen per adult,

300 yen per child

24-hour Pass 24 hours from start of use

800 yen per adult,

400 yen per child

Please note that this service is not available on private buses.

Paper One-Day Pass

◇How to use

Please scratch off Year, Month, and Date.
Please show the driver when getting off.

◇Locations where paper 'One-Day Pass' for Streetcar, City bus, and City View Bus is sold

Each ticket office of the Transportation Bureau, boarding ticket offices, post offices handling tickets, hotels handling tickets, onboard streetcars and buses including Kagoshima City View bus. Kagoshima Chuo Station General Tourist Information desk, etc.

Smartphone One-day Pass・24-hour Pass

Cashless purchase is available using an online application on your smartphone or other device.
 (※You will need to register your credit card and other information to make a purchase.)

To ensure smooth boarding and disembarkation, please make your purchase before boarding.

To purchase 'Smartphone One-Day Pass' or '24-hour Pass' for Streetcar, City Bus, or City View bus, you need to download the following application 「乗換案内」: "Norikae Annai".
※"Norikae Annai"means"Transfer Guide".

Click below to download → here

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