Recommended sightseeing courses

Guide to Sightseeing Bus Tours

  • Kagoshima City Regular Sightseeing Buses are ideal to visit the city's places of historical and scenic interests.
  • A bus tour guide will be on board. (You do not need a reservation.)
  • Admission fees to the visiting facilities are included in the fares.
  • There are other privileges such as a ticket for Kagoshima City View and a discount ticket for Kagoshima Aquarium.
  • Group tours are also available. Please consult with us.

Overview of the tour courses

Historic Kagoshima Tour (Kagoshima City Regular Sightseeing Bus)

Tour Date Two services a day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) from Kagoshima Chuo Station
Departing 9:05
Trip Length Approximately 3 hours 30 minutes
Cost Adults: 2,300 yen
Children under elementary school age: 1,200 yen
Departing Place Kagoshima Chuo Station East Exit, E-8 boarding area
Route Kagoshima Chuo Station ≫ Museum of the Meiji Restoration45min stop) ≫Bronze statue of Okubo Toshimichi ≫ Xavier Park ≫ Terukuni Shrine ≫ Bronze statue of Saigo Takamori ≫ Tsurumaru Castle ruins ≫ Memorial to the retainers of the Satsuma domain ≫ Shiroyama20min stop) ≫ Saigo cave ≫ Shigakko ruins ≫ Nanshu Cemetery15min stop) ≫ Sengan-en (Iso Garden)50min stop) ≫ Ishibashi Memorial Park ≫ Sakurajima Pier (Alighting OK) ≫ Harbor Boulevard Park ≫ Kinsei-cho Cultural Zone (Alighting OK)  Tenmonkan Shopping District  (Alighting OK)  Kagoshima Chuo Station
Please note *The bus stops for sightseeing at places indicated in red.
*Passengers can also get off at places indicated in blue.
Sakurajima Nature Sightseeing Course (Sakurajima Regular Tour Course)

Service Dates Every day from Kagoshima Chuo Station, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon.
Boarding Intervals Kagoshima Chuo Station~Kagoshima Chuo Station Kagoshima Chuo Station~Sakurajima Port
(Sakurajima Port~Kagoshima Chuo Station)
Sakurajima Port~Sakurajima Port
Departing Times 8:55 AM ・1:40 PM Boarding at Kagoshima Chuo Station 8:55 AM ・1:40 PM
Boarding at Sakurajima Port 9:40 AM ・2:30 PM
9:40 AM ・2:30 PM
Required Time 3 hours 40 minutes 2 hours 50 minutes 2 hours 10 minutes
Fare Adult ¥2,300 ・ Child ¥1,200 Adult ¥2,100 ・ Child ¥1,000 Adult ¥1,800 ・ Child ¥850
Boarding Place Kagoshima Chuo Station East Exit E-8 Bus Stop When boarding at Kagoshima Chuo Station, E-8 Bus Stop
When boarding at Sakurajima Port, Sakurajima Port 1F
Sakurajima Port 1F
Course Kagoshima Chuo Station ≫ Napoli Street ≫ Perth Street ≫ Waterfront ≫ Sakurajima Pier ≫ Sakurajima Ferry ≫ Sakurajima Port (Boarding OK) ≫ Yunohira Observatory 15min stop) ≫ Fujino Mulberry Grove ≫ Kurokami Buried Tori-i Shrine Gate 10min stop) ≫ Tabi-no-Sato 10min stop) ≫ Arimura Lava Observatory 10min stop) ≫ Monument to Hayashi Fumiko ≫ Sakurajima Port(Alighting OK) ≫Sakurajima Ferry ≫ Sakurajima Pier (Alighting OK) ≫ Kinsei-cho Cultural Zone (Alighting OK) ≫ Tenmonkan Shopping District Alighting OK) ≫ Kagoshima Chuo Station
Please note ※The bus stops for sightseeing at places indicated in red.
※Passengers may get off the bus at places indicated in blue.

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